Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can my child begin lessons?  
Children can start violin as early as 4 years old.  I usually recommend students study the violin for several years before starting the viola.
Can I enroll my child in group lessons independently of individual lessons?
No.  Only those students enrolled in individual lessons participate in group lessons.
How often will my child have a lesson?
Students receive a weekly private lesson and in addition attend twice a month group lessons.
How long are lessons?
Initially, private lessons are 30 minutes long.  Young students play only as long as their attention span and endurance lasts, and the rest of the lesson is spent with the parent, helping them prepare for home practice.  The length of each lesson increases as the student advances.  Group lessons are 45 minutes for book1-3 students, and 90 minutes for book 4 and above.
Do I have to learn the violin along with my child? 
No, it is not necessary.  Suzuki’s original intent was that the parent start before the child to spark his/her interest.  There are other ways to expose your child to quality listening experiences.
Do Suzuki students learn to read music well? 
Yes, when taught at the right stage.  The emphasis in the beginning of learning the violin is on learning to physically play and produce a good tone.  Then, depending on the student’s age, note reading starts.  For 6 year old beginners and older, I start teaching note reading around the middle of book 1.